Friday, February 13, 2009

Chef Liu

A group of us went for Chinese at Chef Liu. It was a super-cheap place to eat, and we had a ton of food. The potstickers were a little pricey, but were delicious. The beef chow mein was so-so. The scallion pancakes were fantastic and worth so much more than the cost. And the spicy wontons were a hit with everyone else, I just didn't particularly care for them. The dozen we had were gone in a flash. Their lunch specials also look wonderful, at just $5-7 a person. I imagine we'll be back, possibly again as a post-clubbing snack. The only downfalls: 1) our water was not refilled quickly enough, although they did come by a couple times without prompting. 2) there seemed to be two tables shooting off racial comments at one another and it escalated into shouting and fighting gestures. It was rather uncomfortable, as we were less than ten feet away, but the employees made one table leave (albeit the more innocent table). Oh, and they don't split checks, but that's not the end of the world, as it's a fairly common practice out here.

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  1. Hi Amy and Jonathan,
    I followed up your blog that you put in facebook and find it very interesting!
    Must be fun experiencing the snow and cold after growing up in Florida! :)
    Have a great time, exploring Ca.
    I have only been out there 1X and that was a vacation Tom and I took with friends from San Francisco down to San Louis Ibispo. We had a great time!