Monday, August 17, 2009

The Green Parrot

Jonathan, Andrew, and I went to The Green Parrot (their website needs to be updated) in downtown Newtown on Friday night. It's "green" as in it's both an Irish place and they're really into environmentally-friendly and organic stuff.

Andrew tried a couple of their beers (they have a very long list), I went with the Mangotini, and Jonathan had a Dreamsicle-like drink. Mine was very fruit punchy in the beginning, but got stronger in the end. Cocktails were overpriced.

We started with the Philly Egg Rolls, which basically meant steak and cheese in an egg roll shell. They were very greasy, pretty tasty, and were about twice as much as they should have been. I wouldn't get them again, just because they were like $7.75 for four pieces.

Jonathan and I shared the Fajita Burger (we had a late lunch trying the new boneless wings at Wendy's... buffalo and Asian flavors aren't that good), which I really enjoyed, but Jonathan would have preferred a less-done burger, LoL. The fries were very good, which excited me. Get a side of remoulade sauce. Andrew went with the French Dip, and felt it was pretty average.

All in all, it was a neat place, worth trying again. Oh, but beware there's not a lot of parking, unless you want to valet with two sketchy-looking teenagers sitting on a curb.

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