Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sushi Blvd.

We hadn't seen Cody in a while, and met up with him at Sushi Blvd., which is less than ten minutes from our house. It recently was renamed, and most people probably know it as TGI's Sushi.

There was free edamame (not sure if that's normal or if it was because Cody is a regular), though I don't like it. The miso was very salty, and neither Jonathan nor myself were big fans, though Cody likes it. I loved the salad dressing, but I was the only one whose meal included salad, so no comparison there. I had the sashimi dinner, and while the tuna was good, I found the salmon to be gummy. Jonathan had a salmon deluxe roll and a rainbow roll, enjoying both and even taking some home. We were stuffed when we left, and though Jonathan was immediately thinking about our next visit, I was a little less enthusiastic. 
my sashimi plate
Jonathan's rainbow roll
Jonathan's salmon

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