Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jack's Cold Cuts

We felt like hoagies. We were in the Bensalem area. So, we drove down Street Road (seriously the name) and pulled into the first plaza with a deli listed on the sign. And it was a good choice.

Jack's Cold Cuts
is a family-owned business. They didn't have much going on when we waltzed in, as it seemed they were preparing for a catering job (we believe someone ordered up a ton of smoked fish trays). They have deli meat available (Dietz & Watson brand), and have a variety of sandwiches you can order. It's a cross between a Jewish deli and your standard, New York-Italian deli.

I went with baked ham and swiss with dijon on a baguette (#25), and Jonathan had the Brisket with American cheese and horseradish on rye (#12). They came with pickles on the side... hand-sliced, thick circles, not-too-seedy, yummy pickles. Everything was very good. I need to get accustomed to ordering veggies upfront tho... I'm very used to the main part of the sandwich being made before being asked what else I'd like on it, but every time we go to a place up here there's no chance to add-on if you don't say it at the beginning of the order.

If you're down in that area, check it out. Bensalem in general seems to have good food (and a lot of Indian places if you're into that cuisine!).

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