Friday, January 22, 2010

Carlucci's: Express

It's rather rare that Jonathan and I go out to lunch together. If we go out, it's usually for dinner (actually, breakfast out might be more frequent than lunch out for us... and we don't eat breakfast out often, either, LoL). But, since we volunteered in Trenton on MLK Day morning, we decided to see what lunch specials we could find.

As I mentioned when we ate Villa Rosa, Carlucci restaurants are big here. In fact, there are two in the same plaza, and we never knew the difference. Turns out one is a sit-down, full-service place. The other is more of a take-out with a few dine-in tables available. We chose the latter, called Carlucci's Express.

Everything on the menu looked good. Everything in the front display case looked good. Everything smelled good. I instantly decided on a chicken parm sub, while Jonathan wavered a bit before finally settling on a pepperoni cheesesteak. We ordered those (and a dozen garlic knots) to go. The place wasn't empty, yet we had our order in about five minutes, so service was awesome. We dipped into the garlic knots before we even got home (and we live maybe two miles away from this place). Fantastic. Garlicky, doughy, and even a hint of mozzarella cheese. Well done.

I've had a lot of chicken parm subs in my day. In fact, it's safe to say that they are my favorite hot sub. I had them incredibly often during my first year of college in particular... I pretty much lived above a deli that was open until 3am, hehe. Anyway, this was a fantastic chicken parm sub. I'm gonna go ahead and name it #2 ever. The winner featured a more-toasted bread... this one was a little crisp, but more soft. Delectable.

Jonathan thought his was good, and would get it again. I tried it, and it tasted like meat and grease to me... which means it's a cheesesteak, LoL. He even ate his whole sub in one sitting (half of mine waited patiently in the fridge for me until the next day). He's really excited about trying their pizza... it looked SO GOOD.

Not only are they close... they're one of those places that often puts out coupons in the weekly flyer. AND they deliver. this has been an awesome find.

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