Monday, March 22, 2010


It's HARD to find good Mexican in our area of Pennsylvania. In fact, it's rather difficult to find any Mexican that's non-chain AT ALL. So, when Kasey & Michele mentioned that they liked a Mexican place in downtown Lambertville (NJ) we met them for a weekend lunch.

We actually had a difficult time getting there, since we had a horrible rainstorm that lasted three days, and left downed trees and washed-out roads everywhere. At one point there was a tree blocking the entire road, so we had to backtrack and go another way. Good thing we took the Charger, it had much higher ground clearance than the Corolla!

The meters run from 1pm-9pm on Sundays in Lambertville, so it was also lucky that we picked up two quarters the night before from a parking lot, haha! It also turned out that we had walked by Buho's before, as it's right next to a puzzle and game store.

The place had it's ups and downs. We were almost the only people there, so we had quick service. I get the impression it's family-owned, and the English spoken by the employees was not the greatest. Actually, the place reminded me quite a bit of Salsa's, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Melbourne (FL). Which, if you didn't click to read my old review, means I didn't care for the place.

The rice had corn AND peas in it... a big "no" for me. The cheese was minimal, the sour cream was flavorless, and the lettuce was overdone. Oh, I had chicken flautas... corn tortillas baked with (dry) chicken inside, topped with sour cream, lettuce, and a small sprinkling of cheese. Even the guacamole was chunky and flavorless. Jonathan felt very much the same about his entree, pointing out that even the guacamole was plain. Kasey and Michele have been there probably a dozen times (and Kasey got the same thing as Jonathan), so they must just look for a different flavor than we do, LoL.

I will say this... they had an excellent queso fundito (an appetizer we all shared), and great salsa (3 kinds) and chips. The chips were homemade, warm, baked, and fresh. The queso was verrrry cheesy and had some great chorizo in it. However, it was overly greasy and I wouldn't get it again, especially for the price (although, I'm sure it's actually worth that amount in ingredients, LoL!).

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