Friday, March 26, 2010

Royal Thai

In my second class on the very first day of ninth grade, I met a boy named Alan. He was new to our 6-12 school, and the only person he knew was one of my best friends at the time. So, we had lunch together that day, and became good friends (we had 4-6 classes together each year), and we've kept in touch through the years. He lives in Georgia now, but whenever we're in Florida, I try to ask him if he'll be around (he has family there). Luckily enough, he was in Orlando for a conference while we were in Melbourne for a week, so we made dinner plans one night.

We met at Royal Thai (off Semoran Blvd.), and it was great to catch up for a while. We were also very impressed with the Thai food! Jonathan and Alan both had the panang curry, while I went with "drunken noodles." It was chicken and shrimp in flat rice noodles with vegetables and chili sauce. It wasn't fantastic, but it was good. The entire place smelled wonderful, and the prices were very reasonable. Both boys thought the panang was really good, although it looked very typical to me. It was different, however, that the meal was served on a plate instead of in a bowl, and that the rice was scooped out of a big pot by the server instead of giving each person a small plate of it. We all decided that it was pretty good and we'd go there again. It was a shame we only got to see Alan for about an hour, but I'll take an hour every three years over nothing! :)

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