Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Florida: Chili's

One night while we were in FL, we gathered a group for dinner and a movie. Joe, Andy, Bryan, Tori, BK, DJ, and Swu all met up at Chili's in Palm Bay about 7:15. We had a ridiculously difficult time getting a table, and in the end they only gave us back-to-back booths. At one point Tori and I drove down the road to see how busy Applebee's was, but as soon as they were putting together some high-tops for us, the guys called and told us they just got seated, so back over we went. In a surprise move, Tori and I ordered the same entree (which doesn't usually happen unless we're at McAlister's and splitting our fave dishes), the new mini-chicken sandwiches. They were pretty good, even with the ancho-chile ranch sauce they came with.

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