Friday, March 20, 2009

Hong Kong Bistro

Another weekend lunch in downtown Mountain View. I think we've avoided this place until now because it's a little too fushiony. By this, I mean that they have an easel outside on the sidewalk that lists special like "garlic string beans" and "creamed corn." But we gave it a try, and it turned out to be great.

I ordered the shrimp chow fun, and Jonathan got the mango shrimp special. The special came with a potato-ish soup (maybe porridge?) and hot milk tea. He had a choice of potato, rice, or spaghetti (?), which I thought was strange. He went with rice, and the dish was served in mango peels, which is always a nice presentation. The shrimp were delicious, lightly fried in a syrupy-sweet sauce. There were TONS of mango chunks in the meal, so it was a little too sweet to finish in one setting. My shrimp chow fun (fun is a rice noodle instead of mein, a wheat noodle, from what I can tell anyway) was a huge portion for just $7.50. The shrimp were cooked just right, and the noodles had a good flavor to them. There was a hint of mushroom in the dish, and some onions, but otherwise no vegetables.

We both took home leftovers, and I had mine for dinner that night... it was so delicious!

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