Friday, July 3, 2009

Max's Opera Cafe

We had lunch at Max's Opera Cafe, which was incredibly unique. It's a local chain, and they modify the name for various locations, such as Max's Diner, Max's Restaurant, Max's on the Square, and Max's Market. They had all kinds of strange "rules" where if they ask "is everything all right?" you get a free drink, and if they ask "are you guys ready to order" you get a free dessert! Clearly, I'd recommend printing out the rules at home so you can learn them, then catch the server in the act! The menu was also HUGE, as in like 13 pages for the LUNCH menu alone! Andy and JB shared the Chinese Chicken Salad and a Reuben sandwich. The salad had peanuts, chow mein noodles, sesame seeds, hoisin, and some regular salad fixings. I had the "Outlaw" sandwich, which was a turkey-bacon-swiss on toasted sourdough. The turkey was Thanksgiving-style, and the swiss was pretty scant. So this made for an extremely dry sandwich, but with darn good bacon. At least the fries were scrumptious!

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