Friday, February 26, 2010

Bailey's Bar & Grille

Last night, during the snowstorm, we decided we were going to have Denny's for dinner. Pancakes just sounded good, and they now have unlimited pancakes (and french fries) with any entree that includes those items. Jonathan called Rob to see if he wanted in, and he told us he was on his way to Bailey's Bar & Grille for their Thursday night wing special. We decided to head that way.

It's in Levittown, in the area known as Five Points, as a ton of roads come together, and it's even worse than Confusion Corner in Stuart, FL. Not far from us, just one light past H-Mart and Walgreens, so maybe a 15-minute drive when there's no traffic and no snow.

Rob and his roommate, Jason, had a good table, and we were able to watch the Olympics (women's single figure skating and women's aerials, specifically) as we dined. The place is a dive bar in a strip mall, really. I probably would have overlooked it and never gone (particularly since they have no website), but it was a decent experience.

The place is really smoky, and we didn't even see any smokers, so the place just must be naturally smoky at this point. This is the only major downfall to the place, although I imagine that parking would become an issue on a major sports day or something. We also only saw two staff members the entire time, but perhaps the low number of patrons contributed to this. Otherwise, I imagine service would be very slow (it was average timing, but very friendly last night).

The wing special runs from 9-11pm on Thursday nights, and is 35-cent wings. Minimum order of 10, no maximum. 9 flavors, and you can choose bone-in or boneless. We went with 10 sweet and spicy bone-in and 10 garlic boneless. I was happy with the size of the wings, as sometimes boneless are pretty puny. I was anticipating to enjoy the garlic more, but my first bite soured that idea. In the end, I only ate two of those, as I thought they kinda tasted like a marinara with garlic. Luckily, Jonathan really liked the flavor, so he had the rest of those while I had the sweet and spicy. They're much more sweet (like honey), but the hint of heat was nice. Little gristle and excellent preparation made for good wings that could be picked clean.

Not sure how much the wings are normally, but I'd recommend the place on a Thursday night. We had twenty wings, ranch and celery, and a Sprite and paid $13 WITH tax and tip. Of course, this also requires waiting to eat until 9pm, so your mileage may vary. This worked out for us since Jonathan had a raquetball game at 8pm, and we almost always eat after the gym.

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