Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Great American Diner & Pub

We were out with some friends, and stopped by The Great American Diner & Pub. I had the tiramisu, Jonathan went with a country-fried steak breakfast, and our friends had a pancake breakfast and the carrot cake, respectively. I thought the tiramisu was really good, although I would have been happier if it was $1 less. Emily reported that the carrot cake was good, but the icing was disappointing. Jonathan thought the steak was good, the gravy was different and kind of sweet, the potatoes were thick (much like the kind I had at the Maurice River Diner) and I didn't ask about the eggs.

It was our first time there, although Bryan and Emily had been there a few times before. It's an interesting place. There were way more cars in the parking lot than people in the place, but it was still busy for a Friday night. The bar area kept most people occupied though, and the service was pretty prompt. I don't know if we'll go back, but we have been meaning to try out more diners, so it's entirely possible.

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