Friday, February 19, 2010

Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant

There we were... we had just come out of the meat shop (not a butcher, just a meat shop, LoL), and had started the car. While Jonathan was looking at the GPS to plan a better route home (we were down New Falls), I noticed it. A Chinese restaurant across the street. But not just any Chinese restaurant... the sign read "Dim Sum Szechuan Cantonese" ... and before I knew it my arm was extended and pointing at the sign, as I said "Look! Dim Sum!" Our plans to head home were temporarily set aside as we quickly decided to dart across the street and check out Wing Wah.

The Dim Sum menu consisted of nine items and a combo platter. We ordered the platter to go, and Jonathan also tried the chicken egg drop soup. We waited about 15 minutes and then were headed home again. The menu also featured a bunch of regular dishes, and some unique things which we may go back to try at some point, especially if we're down in that area of Levittown.

We were quite excited about how good the food made the car smell (we also needed to stop at the liquor store on the way home, since I needed to pick up some sherry for a soup I was going to make the next night). When I opened the container in the kitchen, the mouth-watering aroma came pouring out all over again. I divvied up the goodies, and we each had plenty for just $7.25.

The shrimp dumplings were fantastic. The pork shu mei was very good. They fell apart a little bit, but that could have been because they sat in a closed box for twenty minutes so there was a bit of condensation build-up. The mini spring rolls were tasty considering their size and content. The flavor was more intense than many of the plain spring rolls most places serve. Lastly, the satay beef sticks were very large in portion. They had a great, sweet sauce lightly on glazed on them, and even I thought the beef was delicious. Jonathan said that the soup was "a little different" and "it had crunchy things in it," LoL.

If you're in Bucks County and want dim sum, this is the best place we've found. And for a great price, considering this isn't Chinatown! If you know of something better, please share the info!! :)

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