Sunday, June 13, 2010

McGee's Pub

We had taken in some sights, I had seen a matinee, and we were staying in the City to see a show at 8pm, so we had a little time. At 5pm, we headed over to have a drink at the bar of the place where we had already chosen to eat dinner. McGee's Pub, what the How I Met Your Mother bar (MacLaren's) is based on, was our selection. They were still nice enough to give us happy hour prices, even though happy hour had ended. We moved downstairs and into a booth for dinner, but it ended up being more of a snack, really. We shared the cajun calamari (that day's special appetizer) and the baked macaroni and cheese, and Rob went with some sliders and fries. The food was pretty good, and we ended up sitting right under a photo of the How I Met Your Mother cast, so that was we'll tackle the transportation next time.

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