Friday, January 23, 2009


TOGO'S is a sandwich place, very similar to Subway. They're a chain, so perhaps you've been to one before. We hadn't and were in the mood for subs, so we gave it a try. I felt like a soup-and-sandwich combo, but the soups of the day were not appealing, so I went with a regular Turkey Club on "dutch crunch" bread. Jonathan tried the Hot Pastrami on white. He enjoyed the pastrami, noting that we see it often so it must be popular in this area. Mine was pretty good, although the bacon could have been crisper. Dutch Crunch bread is a white bread with little "crunchy" pieces in the crust. However (maybe because it was late in the day), my crust wasn't crunchy, so it was very similar to plain white bread. Interestingly, neither sandwich had cheese on it. There were a lot of things on the menu, so I imagine we'll try it again sometime.

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