Saturday, January 3, 2009


We headed into downtown Mountain View (about four blocks away). We walked Castro Street, and passed at least thirty restaurants before reaching the end of the area. We decided on uWink, a "social entertainment restaurant." It sure was different, allowing us to order from the screens in front of us, without a waitress needing to come by. There were some great drink specials, and we tried to Appetizer Sampler (don't get the onion strings). I had the garlic chicken pasta (decent), and Jonathan tried the macaroni and cheese (plentiful!). What made the restaurant a good time were the giant projection screens showing the sports games and hit television shows, and the fact that there were more games on the machines than we could play in the (nearly) two hours we were there. Cool place, would recommend (and will probably take a few friends there when they come to visit...).

[update 4/16/11: uWink is gone. it looks like the entire chain went out of business]

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