Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gelato: soft, rich, smooth, delicious

We haven't had any dessert since we've been in California, so last night Jonathan suggested we find some frozen custard. After an internet search, it seems the nearest frozen custard is about twenty minutes away, in San Jose. So, we headed into downtown to get some gelato at Gelato Classico. The last few times we've gone by the shop, the line has been pretty long, so we were surprised when we walked right in. I got the tiramisu in an italian cone (nothing special about it, tastes just like a normal sugar cone), and Jonathan got the peanut butter cup in a dish. The tiramisu was good, with pieces of cake and everything. Jonathan enjoyed his as well, but I can't speak to how it tasted since I don't eat peanut butter. They had a lot of flavors that I want to try in the future, so I'm sure we'll be back there before long.

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