Saturday, January 24, 2009

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger is a chain, and is pretty big out here. I had been to one before, last time I was in the Bay Area (May/June 2006), but I didn't really remember it, and Jonathan had never been. We just beat the lunch rush (arriving at 11:45am), and we are sure glad we did! The menu is very simple (as you can see, there's not much "public" variation to the options), and we ordered a #1 and a #2. We both found the burgers to be great (I had the cheeseburger, JB had the double), the sauce/spread gets two thumbs up, and the buns were nicely toasted. They were heavy on the onion, but we both like onion so no problems there. I didn't really care for the fries (felt they had no flavor), but now I know. Oh, I bet you're wondering why I used the term "public" menu before... they have a secret menu, just for insiders. Because their motto is simplicity, you have to be "in the know" that you can get a few different things, such as an "animal burger" or "fries well-done." We wanted to try their original menu first, but next time we'll definitely study the secret menu and order from that.

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