Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brother's Pizza

We needed to go to Lowe's to pick up something, so we decided to pick up a pizza from that area while we were out. Now, "that area" isn't anything special... about fifteen minutes from us, near the Denny's.

We found Brother's Pizza online and phoned in a simple order... a large pepperoni pizza and 8 garlic knots. We took it home. I was appalled by the sight of the pizza when we lifted the lid... the most grease I've ever seen on a pizza, I'm pretty sure. I walked away and came back a few minutes later to actually grab a slice. It took two whole paper towels to blot out the majority of grease. The crust was good. The pepperoni was thick in comparison to the pizza. The sauce was average. But the cheese was salty... and that bothers me. So between the grease and the salt, I was not a fan. I had one slice and swore them off. Jonathan thought it was okay, but made no truly positive comments about the taste. And it wasn't uber-cheap pizza or anything... we paid like $13 for the large.

The garlic knots were pretty good. Could have used some parmesan cheese, but at a quarter per knot, the taste was unbeatable. The menu is pretty large, and they do have several Italian baked dinners as well, but I can't really say I'd go back.

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