Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Newtown Farmer's Market

Another couple in our apartment complex mentioned the Newtown Farmer's Market to us about a week ago, so we wanted to check it out. Jonathan took a long lunch on Friday and we went over to eat there and see what the place was all about. I then went back the next day for shopping. :)

The place is only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so parking was rather scarce (we arrived around 12:40pm). Walking up to the entrance, it felt a lot like the the Pennsylvania Dutch places that we stopped at when we visited the Lancaster area. There are fewer than twenty vendors... some selling dry goods (pastas, candy, spices, etc.), a few selling meat (ground beef, turkey, chicken pieces, sausage, etc.), a fish stand (with soups and chowders!), a cheese and dairy area, a bakery (cakes, pies, cookies, breads, donuts, the whole shebang), and so much more.

For lunch we ate at the Greek place, King of Falafel. Jonathan went with a combo platter, with hummus and gyro. It came with a pita. I ordered the vegetarian special, which included two pieces of falafel, some hummus, some baba ghanoush, very fresh tabouli salad, a couple grape leaves, a pita, and a lemonade. Jonathan and I both really enjoyed the hummus (it is one of our favorite snacks!), and he liked the gyro pretty well. The tzaziki sauce was very good, and I'm usualyl not a big fan. It was my first falafel, and I liked it pretty well with the baba ghanoush, but not by itself. The grape leaves weren't a favorite, but they never really are for me. Overall, I'd definitely place this among the BEST Greek food that I've ever had, and Jonathan agrees that it is really good.

Sidenote, for those not familiar with Greek food, hummus is made with ground chickpeas; baba ghanoush is ground eggplant; gyro is lamb; tabouli is a parsley-tomato-cucumber-lemon juice combo (with a few other things I can't remember).

The next morning, I headed over there again. There really are a few neat places. I bought some cheesecake cupcakes with cherries for Jonathan, and a cream-filled chocolate chip sandwich cookie for myself. I also picked up a half-pound of roasted onion cheese. It tastes kinda like a havarti-american blend, heavy on the onion. good stuff. The cookie was good, well worth a dollar. I wouldn't get it again tho, the cream was too much. I might buy plain cookies tho. Jonathan liked the cherry cheesecake cupcake as well.

I can definitely say we'll be back to try the other eateries. And to have more of the baked goods. And probably pick up a few gifts there as well. :)

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