Friday, November 13, 2009

Langhorne Ale House

We had planned to go to JB Dawson's for the game last weekend, but when we got there we realized that there were only a few televisions, so we decided to go to Chili's. But on the way to Chili's we passed the Langhorne Ale House, and pulled in there. I found out much later that it's owned by Miller's, for those familiar with that chain.

We waited about twenty minutes, but they were nice enough to put the game on one of their two foyer televisions, so although it was quite cold, we were able to watch the game while we sat. The place was really busy (we arrived just before 8pm), but we were eventually seated at a table large enough for six people. With the hockey game on the larger screens, we had a little difficulty getting the server to change one of the sets to the FSU-Clemson game (the hostess had assured me that there would be no problem in getting a television changed), but eventually got a screen changed that we could both see.

We decided not to have an appetizer, basically because they were kinda pricey. I ordered a Bistro burger, Jonathan had the porterhouse steak. The wait was about average, and I would have expected to need to be much more patient, given the size of the restaurants and number of patrons.

Mine came with pretty good fries, Jonathan's had fries and average corn. My burger was on ciabatta bread with an onion ring, bacon, cheddar cheese, the thinnest pickle slice ever, tomato, and delightful bistro sauce (red pepper and garlic). It was very tasty; I'd recommend it. Jonathan spent a long time on his steak (not his usual cut of meat), and in the end decided it was pretty good, but strange/rough.

Service was fair until it was time for the check, when our server did twelve other things beside handing us the bill. But all in all, a decent place. They have a very wide beer selection (which is hard to find in the area, aside from places like Isaac Newton's), and one drink that I'd like to try (which sounds rather ridiculous, since they have thirty pages of beverages), so I'm fairly certain we'll be back before 2010.

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