Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Jonathan's aunt and uncle were in town for a few days since Jonathan and Dennis were riding in the Philadelphia Livestrong Challenge. We drove out to West Chester one night to have dinner with them and some of their friends.

Avalon is a little place in downtown, near the university. It's an Italian place that is BYOB and cash only, good things to know. However, the BYOB thing is kinda strange there; we were served complimentary (though average and skimpy on the fruit) sangria. After we ordered, bread arrived, soft and crusty and warm, but nothing spectacular. As a table we had a three-cheese platter for an appetizer. One was cheddar and another was aged, but I don't remember the specifics (and the list apparently changes, as the one on the online menu was not what we saw the other night). The portions were generous, considering that the six of us hardly finished the plate, LoL.

Three of us ordered the gnocchi. This took me by surprise when the plates came out, since I might have ordered something else had I known that, LoL. Still, it was good and cheesy, and just enough so that I could finish it without being super-stuffed. Jonathan had the lobster risotto. It was great, except it strangely had corn intermixed with it. The salmon with ratatouille was also ordered, and I believe it was gobbled down rather quickly, so it must have been good, too!

The important bit to remember about this place: it's cash-only.

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