Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fu Wah

There were a few people at work who wanted to try and create a day of the week where a bunch of us ordered out lunch on a regular basis. However, it ended up only happening twice (organized, anyway). Both times we ordered from Fu Wah, and it was pretty decent.

The first time I had the garlic chicken with fried rice and an egg roll. The egg roll was HUGE, and pretty decent with some soy sauce. The garlic chicken was a tad bland, but pretty good and very lean. The fried rice was decent, with bits of pork and few vegetables. It had an interesting flavor overall, but there was a ton of it so I didn't come close to finishing it.

The second time I had the sweet and sour chicken (sauce on the side), again with the fried rice and egg roll. The egg roll was still good, but the rice was kinda "eh" that time. The chicken was overly plentiful, and I couldn't imagine eating it all! I would have had at least one other lunch from the leftovers, but since I was at work, I couldn't refrigerate the leftovers soon enough to make them worth saving.

I wouldn't order from them regularly, but they are decent and cheap, so if you're in Trenton/Ewing and looking for lunch, you might find them to work out if you have a craving for Chinese!

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