Thursday, August 19, 2010


Jonathan and I were going to a Trenton Thunder game with a bunch of people I work with, but beforehand we wanted to meet up with some he works with for a happy hour. The place is pretty much next door to the stadium, so it worked out really well. We parked in between the two, then walked back and forth.

I was kinda skeptical of KatManDu, because although we've seen it a dozen times, we've never been inside, and it doesn't look all that exciting from the front. However, it turned out to be a pretty cool place.

Cover was $5, and that includes a buffet, so nothing wrong there. The music was live, and pretty good. The sets could have been arranged better, but perhaps it was just that musician... who knows. The drinks were reasonably priced, but I was kinda iffy on the food since the price was so low. However, there was no need to worry!

I started with the mashed potato bar, where you have a choice of regular or sweet, and all kinds of toppings. I chose cheese, onions, bacon, and sour cream. It was dished out by a server, and served in a martini glass! The only downside: you can't get it all because of the shape of the glass.

The meats and sides station had the assumed crudites and fruit plate, but also had hot roast beef and a few other options. There was also a chili area. The dessert station featured deep-fried pretzels, and a chocolate fountain. For dippers, there were rice crispies treats, strawberries, marshmallows, oreos, and a few others.

There was also a nachos station, a stir-fry station, and a pasta bar. We didn't hit those, mainly because of the lines. If we had more time before the baseball game, we totally would have... well, I know I would have tried the pasta and Jonathan would've tried the stir-fry!

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