Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Buffalo Wild Wings

We love college football. We particularly love the Florida State Seminoles. I've missed two televised games since 2000, and Jonathan's only missed a few since he was a small boy. I'm now in my eighth season of going to live games in Tallahassee, the fourth of which where we've had season tickets. We were in Tallahassee to see the Miami game, but beforehand we met up with CS, Trish, and Heather at Buffalo Wild Wings.

It was the absolute worst service I've ever had there, and everyone agreed. The food was still good, but when you wait an hour for it and the place isn't even packed, it better be. We literally watched another table get seated after us, order, eat, pay, leave... another party seated at the same table, then order, eat, pay, and leave... a third party was seated and had received their drinks when we finally got out of there. We would have left if it wasn't for the fact that it was game day, causing many places to be full and a lot of traffic to get from A to B.

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