Saturday, September 26, 2009

Florentino's in Downtown Newtown

Jonathan, Andrew, and I decided to have some Italian food and ended up at Florentino's. It is quite beautiful inside, and the food is hearty. However, service was quite slow and it was overpriced.

We all opted for tap water, especially after noting it would be $5.50/person for mineral or sparkling water. Jonathan and I also opted for the standard bread, while Andrew paid $2.75 for garlic whole wheat bread. The bread was warm and crusty, but it was the dipping sauce that really made it delicious. It was a tomato basil sauce, and there was just enough in the dish to cover all of the bread. There was actually quite a bit given, and while I tried the garlic wheat, I'd stick with the regular.

I had the Chicken Florentino, which surprisingly came with mashed (red) potatoes and some vegetables. The plum tomatoes, fontina, and parmesan made the dish, tho. Jonathan went with the shrimp scampi in a white wine and lemon sauce (and they charged him a dollar more than the menu stated), and the shrimp were pretty large. Andrew went with one of the specials, "Bob's Plate" which was wide fettuccine noodles with shrimp, scallops, crab, and salmon in a creamy vodka sauce. It was very good and he finished it off. I was the only one to have leftovers (my chicken was really big).

The other patrons seemed to be fine with a leisurely pace (two women catching up like old friends, a single gentleman in business attire, a family with grown children, a group of wine enthusiasts), but we were slightly put off by it. Especially up here... it's not like we were in the South, LoL. Eh, it's okay, but I think I'd recommend a different place to others.

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