Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Little Dragon

Kit, Andrew's wife, was here from California for the week of Labor Day. The four of us got together a couple of times, but she and I had lunch one day at A Little Dragon, which is the closest Chinese restaurant to us (in the same plaza as our Giant Supermarket).

We got there just a few minutes after noon and the place was nearly empty. We were promptly served water and tea, and had a few minutes to go over the menu while munching on Chinese chips and a light-colored sweet-and-sour sauce. I ordered the hot garlic chicken while Kit had the chicken lo mein. Both were served with rice (we opted for the white... the fried has peas in it), but no chopsticks. I had the wonton soup (very good) and Kit had the sweet and sour soup. I was supposed to get a shrimp eggroll with mine, but it never came. The food itself was decent, although nowhere near as tasty as in California, or even at a few favorite Chinese places throughout Florida. We both had leftovers, which isn't bad considering that each meal was only $6.90 with tax. I might be willing to give the place a second try (and get something different), or just have it on reserve for a quick-and-easy wonton soup fix.

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