Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yardley Continental Tavern

On a Sunday afternoon, it was a beautiful day out (like 77 degrees), and we decided to go to downtown Yardley and have lunch at an outdoor cafe. Problem was, we had a hard time finding one, and decided to go to the Continental Tavern.

We walked in to a lot of cheering (the Eagles were playing), and the bar area was packed. We headed into the dining area and were told to choose our own table. We both had burgers - I went with the "classic" and Jonathan chose the "continental." Mine had tomato, lettuce, and a choice of cheese (I went with cheddar, as opposed to American or Monterrey Jack). Jonathan's had mushrooms and onions with swiss. Both were good, although they undercook a little (I went with "well" and had a hint of pink, while Jonathan's "medium" was a little rare in the center). The buns were fabulous! We also got shoestring fries... delicious plain! Jonathan paid $1 to have his sprinkled with Old Bay and get a side of a queso-like cheese for dipping. The dip cheese was very good.

The place specializes in burgers, but also has steaks and ribs for dinner. I'd recommend Cheeburger Cheeburger over this place for burgers, tho.

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