Thursday, September 10, 2009

V & S Sandwiches

We were in the middle of some traffic on 222 (apparently in Temple, PA) and hungry. We got off for a few minutes and pulled into a V & S Sandwiches - it sounded good enough. It ended up being a great choice! They seem to be some sort of chain, although I'm not really sure since I can't locate a company website. Either way, when we got back on the road there was no more traffic, so it was a winner all around!

I ordered a grilled ham and cheese on a "soft" roll (the choices were soft, hard, or wheat...). It came with a TON of mayo and lettuce, but I was able to scrape off most of it. The tomatoes were very good. The ham was really grilled, but still not the best. I wasn't able to figure out what type of cheese it was... either white american or provolone. I wouldn't recommend the soft roll, as my sandwich began falling apart the second time I picked it up. I got the root beer and it was good.

Jonathan went with the buffalo chicken with ranch. He also got it in a soft roll, but they scopped his out like a pita so it didn't fall apart as easily as mine. He liked it quite well, and had a rough time finishing it - it was so big! He had chocolate milk, pretty average.

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