Friday, April 2, 2010

Broken Barrel Tavern

When we're in Florida, we generally eat at places that we've been to before, since we miss them when we're away. But, there's always exceptions (like Royal Thai to eat with Alan) and new places to try (which is the point of this entry). Broken Barrel Tavern is in the plaza behind Chili's at the corner of Babcock and Palm Bay. In the ten days we were there, we actually managed to eat there twice, LoL. And kinda a third time, haha.

The night Jonathan got in from the airport, we went there at the suggestion of Ebad, who usually goes on Thursday nights with Bryan. But there was a problem in the kitchen, and some of us hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we left and went somewhere else. The next night we went back, since the guys just couldn't shut up about this place.

The reason it's so popular is because they have like 400 different types of beers (bottles and drafts, etc.), and Ebad and Bryan have been working their way through trying all of them. I tried some of each one that was ordered, but still haven't found a single beer I'd drink, LoL. They did have a couple ciders that I thought about ordering, but none were pear, and that's my favorite (flashback to Faultline Brewery, LoL).

The first time, I ordered the cuban with fries, and was disappointed on both counts. The cuban was barely average, and the fries were poorly cooked homemade chips with very little seasoning. I actually had to ask for extra seasoning, but that didn't help all the much since the chips weren't cooked completely. The table did have an order of carrot chips, which were pretty good. Sliced thin and fried, what makes them great is the wasabi-ish dipping sauce with which they are served. Joe and Ebad both ordered wings, and they were fabulous! The secret is that they're smoked rather than grilled or fried, and it makes such a difference! SO DELICIOUS. Jonathan had ribs, very flavorful and not a lot of fat, which equals good in my book!

The second time (the following Thursday), I went with a cheeseburger, but substituted the chips (which they call fries, don't be confused) for french onion soup. For a place that isn't all that fancy, the soup was pretty good. The breading could have been better, but the flavor of the broth and the amount/type of cheese was very good. And, since there's no up-charge to get that as a side, I don't see how anyone goes with those nasty chips/fries, LoL. The burger was different... it had a distinct taste, which is probably because it is around smokers (many of their foods are smoked) constantly. It wasn't huge (I ate the whole thing, and I generally have leftovers with a restaurant burger), but it was good. Jonathan went with a half chicken (smoked) which was very good. Joe went with a ribs/wings platter, and Bryan had the cuban (he likes them a lot, and orders them nearly every time he goes there, apparently).

I can't comment on the beers, since I really don't remember any of them (what they were called or what they tasted like, LoL). But, the restaurant does have a detailed description of each beer, and that seems to be very handy for the connoisseurs (like Ebad, LoL).

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