Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vic Sushi

We've been trying to get Vic Sushi for months. Seriously. We originally tried to go there the weekend before my birthday, but ended up going elsewhere after we waited 45 minutes and didn't get a table. We tried another time, but it was a Saturday afternoon, and they're only open for dinner. Then we tried another time but a similar problem happened with timing. We also planned to eat there once, but were too full from lunch, so that time didn't work out, either. But, this time we were set!

Our plan this time was to drive down, call for takeout, and pick it up. After we decided what we were going to get, we realized the address was different. Turns out that they're in Spring House now, not Philly. No biggie, it's just under a half-hour to drive there now, plus it probably seats 20 instead of 10.

We ordered the red dragon roll, the white dragon roll, and a Philadelphia roll. The dragons are eel, cucumber, and avocado. The red means topped with tuna; the white is topped with white tuna. A Philadelphia roll is salmon and cream cheese. We split everything, and thought they were delicious. The white tuna was especially fresh. Jonathan thought the Philly roll was very good... I thought it was average. The red dragon was a little more moist... not sure if it was avocado or if it had to do with the fact that our sushi sat in boxes for half an hour while we drove home, LoL. Regardless, very good sushi, reasonable prices, and a nice little place now (in a shopping center, so there's actually parking now, too).

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