Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dominick's Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant

It was Friday night. We wanted pizza. We had a new Netflix movie to watch. So we went to Langhorne, picked up a pizza from Dominick's Pizzeria, and went home to watch a movie. It was pretty good pizza (not as delicious as Yardley Pizza), and we'd go there again. We also got some garlic knots, but they don't compare to Carlucci's Express. We went with a bianca pizza (large) with pepperoni. We had a $2 off coupon, which equated to a free topping, so that worked out nicely. Plus, they were nice enough to give Jonathan a side of marinara, so it was like he had a normal pizza while I still had my delicious white pizza. One word of warning: when one of their descriptions includes garlic, they mean it! Luckily, we like garlic so this wasn't a problem.

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