Wednesday, April 21, 2010

By George

We had a little more than an hour of free time on Saturday morning before taking Jonathan's parents to the airport, so we stopped by the Reading Terminal Market on the way. First of all, I must say that it is much more impressive on a Saturday. Last time we were there, the Dutch vendors were not open, so we didn't quite get the full effect. It was such a bustling area of activity this time! We were able to explore more areas and saw a bunch of new things. Jonathan's parents rather enjoyed it, too.

On our way out, we had lunch at By George. I ordered a chicken parmigiana sandwich, while Jonathan and his parents went with cheesesteaks. Jonathan and I both decided that if we had seen all of the food displays of the place first, we probably would have ordered other items, since everything on display looked so delicious!

Regardless, the cheesesteaks were gigantic. Jonathan thought it could have been cheesier, but the problem was balanced with the fact that the sheer volume of meat was incredible. Jonathan also said he'd probably go for provolone next time (that's what his parents went with). The chicken parm was average, and didn't reheat well. I'd go for something else next time. We also had a small order of fries that the table shared. I didn't particularly care for them (they tasted undercooked to me), but the rest of the table thought that they were okay and very potato-y.

And, last but not least, we finally learned the validation process at the Reading Terminal Market, and it worked for us. We only paid $4 to park for up to two hours (and that's about all of the time we had, since we needed to be on our way to the airport after that!), which is good.

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