Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Golden Eagle Diner

It was a Sunday night and we wanted to try something new. We drove down to Golden Eagle, a large diner about twenty minutes away, in Bristol. As diners go, this one is certainly very different. Yes, the menu was huge. Everything was a little greasy. There were jukebox-esque contraptions at every booth. They served at least six kinds of cake and six varieties of pie. BUT, they also had a VERY large liquor selection. In fact, Jonathan asked me if I was sure we were still in PA, since the liquor laws here are so strict!!

I knew I wanted a burger and fries, and it didn't take me long to pick the Canadian burger, which came with cheddar cheese and Canadian bacon. Turns out, that's not the most delicious combination ever. I'm also not positive that the cheese was cheddar, it tasted more like really melty American. The fries weren't as done as I would've liked them, but with ketchup they were fine. I opted out of the coleslaw, so I got an extra pickle. Nothing special there, just an ordinary dill spear. I will say, though, that tomato was the only other garnish provided for my burger, and I probably would have liked a few slices of onion or something.

But, let me back up. See, after I ordered my burger, Jonathan went with the lamb. That came with soup AND salad, AND two sides. So, before I even had a bite of burger, Jonathan had his minestrone soup (average, but he'd get it again over something like chicken noodle), his caesar salad (good but the dressing was heavy. and the serving bowl was super neat!), and rolls. I feasted upon half of the rolls pretty quickly. One was stuffed with cinnamon and butter, while the other was a sweet cheese of some sort (not sweet like cream cheese though, and neither of us have any leads as to what might have been on that bread).

The lamb itself was average, but was served with a lot of mint jelly on the side, some decent macaroni and cheese, and some vegetables that were cooked very well. While he did end up taking the leftover lamb home (they gave a lot!), he wouldn't really recommend it.

Oh, and on top of all those foods, we were also each given a small sliver of Italian Cream Cake, complimentary. It was a little dry, so I imagine that it had been sliced much, much earlier in the day and there were just plates of it sitting around to be given out. In retrospect, we probably shouldn't have had any, since it had probably sat out for several hours, but oh well.

Would we go back? Maybe. The rolls were good. The salad was good (and probably the best thing that either of us had... and for a diner to do salad the best, that's probably a bad sign). The prices were good. The concept of a diner doing cocktails intrigued us both. But, let's also remember, that a milkshake was $5.45, and extra thick was $6... I can't possibly imagine what they're putting in that milkshake to drive up the price so high!! My burger was only about $9!

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