Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Food at California's Great America

We were at California's Great America for Jonathan's company's Family Day. 9,000 employees and families were there, so they staggered lunches in two different locations. We were fortunate that we arrived to eat right when a couple of our friends were leaving, since we were able to eat at their table. This was great, since it was rather crowded. It was typical picnic food - hot dogs, bbq chicken, ziti, potato salad, salad, rolls. Coke fountains provided refreshing beverages, and there were ice cream sandwiches and push pops for dessert. The chicken was actually quite delicious (the sauce was good and thick). 

Later in the day, we met up with a group of friends for a few rides, then headed over to the "New Orleans" section of the park. No idea how that fits in with anything else (the other areas are Nickelodeon, Action Zone, All American Corners, County Fair, Kidzville, and Celebration Plaza), but they had funnel cake over there, and three were purchased. JB and I only had a couple bites, mostly because I was curious as to how whipped cream, strawberries, and apples tasted, as my previous experiences are only powdered sugar. Well, they tasted like a fancy french toast dish at IHOP, but the funnel cake itself was the greasiest I'd ever had.

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