Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Sun Shoppe Cafe

Friday lunch, I joined the boys. For probably close to three years now, Friday lunches at various places in Melbourne have been a "thing" which started off mainly focused around Mustard's Last Stand (yes, I LOVE the pun!). They've expanded, and I've been many times. This week, the fare was The Sun Shoppe Cafe, which has a false reputation as being a coffee shop, even though they have breakfast-all-day and lunch menus as well. They're in downtown, across the street from Salsas (which sucks). There were seven of us, and at least three or four ordered the spicy tuna melt (myself included). It's a good sandwich, although I sub out the grilled rye for grilled pumpernickel and skip the sprouts (I'll never understand why people think they go with tuna!). The interesting things about the meals are that a) they serve you a sliver of pickle instead of a spear, so you get something similar to a Vlasic Stacker (LoL), and you get tortilla chips instead of potato chips (which are awkward to eat by themselves). Everyone enjoyed their meals, and we all tried a piece of Bryan's blueberry scone, which is one of the best I've had (too bad they don't have more flavors!).

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