Saturday, April 25, 2009

Olive Garden

So the new Olive Garden commercials have been calling my name, and since BK, Tori, and I are all fans of the place, we met at the one in Vero on Wednesday night for dinner.

We actually all arrived within five minutes, which is pretty good. We spent rather an obscene amount of time deciding what to order (and by 'we' I mean them, since I was ordering the commercial's entree, LoL). The wine that they offer you to try was actually decent (I usually dislike their choices). I should have paid more attention, but I know it was a Zinfandel of some sort, and that Tori did not care for it.

They had the salad, but as I had salad for the bulk of last week, I opted for the chicken and gnocchi soup, which I've been meaning to try. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and would recommend it. The breadsticks were about par, and the entrees took a fair bit of time to arrive. However, when they came out, the server mentioned that BK's chicken was too small and that the chef was preparing another piece (he had ordered the stuffed chicken marsala with mashed potatoes). Tori got the chicken parmigiana, which came with the least amount of sauce ever, so she had to ask for more. She enjoyed the chicken quite a bit, tho. My lasagna rollatini with chicken was excellent. I was a bit hungry so I wanted to dive into it too fast, and of course burned by tongue in the process. But I enjoyed it and took home some. However, I don't understand the pricing. It was about $14, but to get it with sausage instead of chicken, it would have been $10. I'm not sure why chicken is so much more than sausage these days, but it's not the biggest deal. Olive Garden has raised their prices in general over the past year, which is kinda sad, since it makes Carrabba's much more appealing, LoL.

While we were finishing up nibbling on our dinners, the server came out with an entire new entree for BK. So apparently it ended up being a BOGO situation, and he would have dinner for the next night as well, LoL.

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